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Begetter by VOÏO

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

VOÏO releases « Begetter », entirely produced by our chief engineer Sam Harvey at the studio.

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"Begetter started with a discussion about the problem of time. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time is a malleable and relative experience. In opposition, quantum mechanics regard the flow of time as universal and absolute : it doesn’t flow in a single direction, it’s a whole dimension of existence. This discussion brings forth the importance of consciousness and involves the existence of other dimensions (ten, to be precise, according to String theory). I made the song thinking about travelling through time, from ancient to future civilizations, as we would travel from Montreal to Berlin and back without effort. Begetter is about time warps and portals across the universe, and it’s also about consciousness-altering practices - meditation, psychedelics, etc. - that could potentially be another way to travel beyond the illusion of time and space."


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Produced and mixed by Sam Harvey Mastering by Pierre-Luc Darveau from Moderne Mastering

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