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The Importance Of A Good Mixdown

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

No matter how good and creative you are when you produce, and no matter how good your sound engineer is at recording elements of your song, the truth of the matter is : there will never be a great-sounding track without a killer mixdown. A good mixing engineer should understand your needs as well as understanding your song and its needs.

What is a great mixdown?

All the elements of the song are working together instead of battling each other to be heard

Every sound is sitting in the right frequency and has its own place

  • The stereo image is balanced and wide, and the whole song feels like there’s breathing space

  • Nothing sounds harsh for the ears

  • Nothing sounds muddy

  • The song is not lacking overall punch and groove

  • The percussions are present and clear

  • The bass is clear and present and doesn’t overshadow the percussive elements

Once you finish the composition of your song, you might still feel like it doesn’t sound as good as what you hear from published material by your favorite artists.

Sometimes, doing the mixdown yourself won’t give your project the treatment it deserves. If you spent countless hours creating it, you know that it has to sound right. Many producers, even experienced ones, know that a second pair of ears will do it justice. It’s no surprise that most of the best producers give their projects to a trusted mixing engineer.

There are some other challenges too:

  • Your studio is technically challenged (eg., lacks acoustic treatment, no sub, your speakers are not high-quality, you’re lacking the professional expensive plugins to mix at industry level, etc).

  • You simply lack experience.

  • You’ve heard your song too many times and can’t make decisions or can’t hear the subtleties.

Again, those are the kind of problems that many people have.

It’s important to choose a sound engineer who has a great understanding of the musical genre you’re producing. This will ensure your sound is in tune with what’s on the market.

Why us?

We cumulate countless years of experience doing mixdowns for the music industry, in all genres from electronic music to commercial-radio hits in pop, hip hop, folk, etc. The number of songs we’ve done is hard to calculate, but the one thing that matters is that our clients are always satisfied.

Our main task is to understand what you want to do, how you want to sound, what are your influences, etc so we can help you define your own personal sound.

If you need a proper, professional, industry-level mixdown, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!


If you are interested in having your songs mixed- Please contact us or order online!

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