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- How do I deliver the stems/tracks?

Please use Wetransfer and zip the files. Send to

- What do I need to send?

Please export all channels individually of your song. The sends/FX sent as extra channels as well. All in 24bits.

How do I export?

Here are articles on how to export :

Ableton :

Protools :

- Can I send you Ableton format files?

No, I use Protools which is a much better, more precise, better quality DAW for final mixdowns.

- How can I learn from this as I want to do my mix myself?

You'll learn a lot; you'll hear exactly how your track is supposed to sound so you will have a clear reference for your future tracks. I can also provide written feedback. If you want to learn how to do a professional, industry-standard mixdown, which types of plugins I use and how to use them, and basically learn all my tricks, you can purchase my online Advanced mixing tutorial.

- Why are your prices not as cheap as other providers?

A full, well-done, professional, industry-level mixdown or mastering takes time. In fact, it’s very time consuming and demands years of knowledge, acquired skills and ear sensitivity. Other studios offer cheaper prices than us, but their quality is also less. Many more studios also charge a lot more. Industry level prices range from 250$ to 2000$ for a professional mixdown. At Studio Big Blue, we proud ourselves in providing quality, industry-level products for as cheap as it is humanly possible. We prefer to guarantee quality and charge a little more. Our studio is of top quality professional level, with the best equipment, best monitors on the market, and engineered sound-control. Any producer or engineer who claim they can do a full mixdown for less then 100$, or a mastering for less than 30$ is basically saying that they work from their basement, with mediocre-quality equipment, and will spend the minimum amount of time on your track, and your final product will not stand out in terms of quality.

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