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FRISCO LEE MUSIC releasing first EP on SEPT 29

Frisco Lee to release his first EP on Sept 29! This EP was produced by our one and only Sam Harvey at Studio Big Blue. Congratulations Frisco!

Listen on Spotify here.

About Frisco:

“Frisco Lee is a bilingual Montreal born-and-raised musician who’s been anchored in the underground music scene for almost a decade. Hailing from the suburbs and armed with a blues background, he began playing the bar circuits and hosting the Bar de Courcelle open mic, lending his talents to a slew of bands and unique songwriters. A couple of years ago, he began cultivating a widely-varied collection of self-penned songs in the style of old blues, country, folk, and jazz, striking a contemporary chord with indie and psychedelic stylings, and passionate about creating timeless sounds and pertinent poetry.”

Release Party at Bar de Courcelle on October 2, 2019.

Frisco’s instagram:

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