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About Us

Tune out of the city and into your creativity.

We believe that music can change and transform lives.

We believe that music is the most powerful healing tool at humanity’s disposal. 


By providing a safe and creative environment, we believe we can help artists bring the best out of themselves and their creative process.  Studio Big Blue is an open space to let go, be in the moment, be yourself, share, heal, connect, and create. Run by professional artists, producers, creators and engineers with years of experience in the field, the process of creating music is no stranger to us.

Disconnect to reconnect

Equipped with cutting-edge, professional, industry-level equipment, artists can come to create, produce, record and deeply immerse themselves in their creative process while bringing home a professionally recorded, mixed and mastered product ready to be published on the market.

Tune out of the city and into your creativity.

Situated in the woods of St-Adolphe d’Howard, nearby a lake, between ten different hiking and skiing mountains, Studio Big Blue is only one hour drive from Montreal city, providing the best of both worlds in terms of accessibility and peacefulness.

Sam Harvey

With many critically-acclaimed productions under his name, producer and recording engineer, Sam Harvey has years of experience in the field, having worked for major Studios in music production, film scoring, and recording for musicians of all genres (Pop, Hip hop, Rock, Folk, EDM, Deep House, etc) since 2010.

He also collaborates with well-known producers and recording engineers to provide you with the most competent industry workers in the field.

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